Personal Care Aide


Personal Care Aides are health care professionals who help their clients with the daily tasks. They might visit several clients a day or be assigned to one specific client.

Personal Care Aides assist with the daily tasks of elderly, mentally disabled, chronically ill, or physically challenged clients by performing light cleaning, cooking and meal preparation, shopping for food and supplies, taking clients to doctors’ appointments and other medical appointments, getting clients to and from transportation services (i.e., buses or trains), and providing companionship. They may also provide companionship to those who are in various stages of rehabilitation or recovery.

Aides might work at clients’ homes or residential care facilities; adult day care centers; senior centers; hospice facilities; nursing homes; or any other facility where there are elderly or disabled individuals receiving health care services.

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Course Information

Evenings: Monday – Friday, 5:15 PM – 10 PM for 8 days

4.5 hours daily, 22.5 hours weekly, 2 weeks total
A 15 minutes of break is included in the scheduled program hours

Weekends: Saturday, 9 AM – 6 PM for 5 weeks

8 hours weekly, 5 weeks total
A 60 minutes break is included in the scheduled program hours

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