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Please note: The program consists of 75 classroom hours and 8 externship hours, totaling 83 class hours.

Home health aides serve as an integral component within any health care team. If you possess a passion for positively influencing the lives of the ill, disabled, or elderly, this role could be an excellent fit for you. Home health aides (HHAs) support patients in accomplishing essential personal tasks, such as dressing, bathing, and various hygiene requirements. Furthermore, this position entails assisting clients in maintaining their safety and independence within their own homes by offering an elevated level of support for minor cleaning and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs), including cooking, light housekeeping, and laundry.

Responsibilities may encompass written documentation detailing the patient care provided, the patient’s status, or any issues that warrant reporting to a supervising health care professional. In certain cases, HHAs may also facilitate transportation and coordinate recreational activities for their clients. Depending on the regulations within their respective states, some home health aides may be permitted to administer medications or monitor vital signs under the guidance of a health care practitioner, such as a registered nurse (RN).

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